Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa Cooper was born in Belleville Ontario, and has lived in Canada her entire life. A lifelong lover of literature, her first publication came at the age of eighteen, when her poem Just a Nosebleed was included in the anthology Immortal Verses. After spending two years studying Fine Arts at York University, she left Toronto to pursue an education in graphic design in Oshawa Ontario. Through the course of her studies, she developed a deep appreciation for book design and bindery, and received formal training in proofreading and editing.

The written word has been her greatest passion since she was a child, when she would carry the novels she could not yet read as part of her wardrobe. She has dedicated her life to developing her voice and pushing the limits of her craft. Her work has been featured in poetry anthologies such as Journey to Crone and  Postscripts to Darkness, and literary magazines such as The Emrys Journal and Revival Literary Journal. Her first novel, Salvation, was released electronically and in print in 2012. She is currently working as a designer in Belleville, where she lives with her typewriters and personal library.

Books By Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa Cooper

Cold Breath of Life

Alyssa Cooper’s first and wildly imaginative collection steeps us in a ‘different world’ where the terrain is physically and emotionally charged.

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