Brian Thomas Wesley Way

Brian Thomas Wesley Way (middle names, after his grandfathers) was born and raised on a small farm in the north end of Prince Edward County, just south of Belleville, Ontario, a place where Loyalist ancestors came to settle in the 1790s (John B. Way, grandfather three times great, actually built the original grist mill in the village of Ameliasburgh (then called Way’s Mills), a mill long since dismantled and relocated to Black Creek Pioneer village in Toronto). Way attended S. S. # 6 Ameliasburgh Public School in the County (it, too, has been moved, at least in name, to Rednersville). He attended Belleville Collegiate (it was not moved—just demolished) and Queen’s and Western, each of which remains in place, at least at this writing. He has been involved throughout his life in education of various kinds, in secondary schools in Belleville, Tilsonburg, Ingersoll and London, in university at Western, and in college at Loyalist. Way has had scholarly articles and monographs published on a range of topics in education and literature—among those still of relevance, Passages to Literature, a series of teaching manuals, Print Preview, an undergraduate research and writing guide, and The Fiction of Fishing, a full-length critical study of the American metafictionist, Richard Brautigan, under review (a chapter was published in the recent issue of Change magazine).

Way recently returned to the north shore of Prince Edward County living in a small house on the poor (aka south) side of the road which he calls Here. He has served on the Board of Trustees for the Prince Edward County Library and Archives, as a member of the Friends of the A-Frame, a group involved in the preservation of Al Purdy’s famed residence, and has recently been appointed to membership on the Board of Governors of the Royal Military Colleges of Canada. Currently, Way is in the process of translating his literary novel, The Prince of Leroy, into a screenplay and an adventure tale, and Orchard of the Gods, a play about rural settlement, cultural displacement and mythic unrest, is under consideration by Persephone Theatre.

Throughout his life, he has written and published poetry in a variety of magazines including blackfish, The Canadian Forum, escorial, quarry, the pom seed, preserved thoughts, tamarack, sweven, waves, white pelican. A memoir entitled Hickory Tunes and a collection of short fiction are also in the works. As to the more personal and provocative aspects of Way’s life, his wild romances, exotic global escapades and spiritual conversions, the details are intriguing, breathtaking, in fact, full of wonder…You know… as I write this, it is a dreary winter’s day, heavy rain and thick fog rolling over the bay and settling against my Sunday morning window. And as usual, this outside weather is bringing on an inner change of climate, coaxing me to other, perhaps deeper, surely more useful pursuits than this solipsistic, self-serving bio. And besides, it’s lunch time and there’s a game on. Enough.

Books By Brian Thomas Wesley Way

Brian Way

The Prince of Leroy

Welcome to the eclectic world of The Prince of Leroy, a rousing, comic tale of action and adventure where kidnapping, murder, mayhem and philosophical enquiry ensue. ‘Pulp Fiction’ meets ‘Casablanca’ in The Prince of Leroy, a stunning book, an off-the-wall romp, a wild and unpredictable matinee for the postmodern silver screen.

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