Gary Rasberry

Gary Rasberry. Philosopher. Poet. Imagination Consultant. Musician. Artist. Educator. Insecure Extrovert. Reluctant Enthusiast. Risk-taker. Scaredy Cat. Small Animal with Fast Metabolism.

A Connector-of-Dots, Gary brings people & ideas together. He works & plays with language: Words. Melodies. Poetry. Lyrics. Songs. Stories. Spoken Word. Aphorisms. Essays. Dissertations. ‘To Do’ Lists.

Gary works & plays with children. He Sings. Talks. Tells Stories. Imagines. Composes. Creates. Reads. Listens. Loves. Laughs. He also works and plays with people who are busy asking the question, “How Do We Learn to Create a Life that Matters?”

Gary Rasberry lives in Kingston, Ontario where he teaches songwriting workshops at Queen’s University and offers Song, Story & Sound workshops in schools everywhere. Currently touring with The Big Idea Band, Gary is doing shows with his latest musical release, “What’s the Big Idea?!?”

Books By Gary Rasberry

Gary Rasberry

More Naked Than Ever

More Naked Than Ever is the first full collection of poetry by Gary Rasberry. This collection will not let you down. It is going to be hard to do better.

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