All in Good Time

All in Good Time is an authentic story of camaraderie, rivalry and national pride. Don Gutteridge is a story teller through and through. His skill at spinning yarn is seen

Lilacs in Lavender Light

Lilacs in Lavender Light, is filled with lush, light-brushed imagery caught in the perfect prism of the poet’s memory and his profound recollections of what others might let fade. This

Village Dreaming

Don Gutteridge, one of Canada’s finest poets, brings you a state of remembrance with this fine collection. Sit back read the hours away – time will fly and you will

inking the world

Another wonderful poetry collection by Don Gutteridge that will settle you in for a long read. It is just one of his 70 plus books. Trust the numbers and buy

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue, by wordsmith Don Gutteridge, is a collection of poetry that was written between the years 1982—2011, selected by James Spence.

The Star-Brushed Horizon

The poems in “The Star-Brushed Horizon” are a nostalgic look at the poet’s childhood, its pleasures and its sorrows.


Inundations looks back at the past – childhood and growing up – with wry humour and an ironic eye. Gutteridge’s poems pack an emotional punch.

Home Ground

Don Gutteridge has a divine gift; he crafts visions with an elegant ease, splashing colors on canvas of the mind’s eye. Home Ground recreates the past so vividly it argues