Darling, may I touch your pinkletink

John B. Lee’s erotic writing in “Darling, may I touch your pinkletink” will leave you like Tantalus at the well, as with every page you turn you find yourself thirsting

This is How We See the World

“This is How We See the World” includes eighteen previously published chapbook written over the course of thirty years by multi-award winning poet John B. Lee.

In This We Hear The Light

World-class poet, John B. Lee, published with world-class photographer, Richard M. Grove, to produce a world-class hard cover book of splendor called In This We Hear the Light.

These Are the Words

These Are the Words, is maybe ‘the’ best ever Canadian duo authored poetry books. Two esteemed poet laureate authors, George Elliott Clare and John B. Lee, bring you a world

In the Muddy Shoes of Morning

This is the 56th book by John B. Lee – said by some to be “Canada’s Best Poet”. In the Muddy Shoes of Morning! is a wonderful book of