After the Flood

Author: Shane Joseph

Title: After the Flood: a dystopian novel of hope

ISBN: 978-1-927725-75-7 = 9781927725757 – Soft cover

Trade Paperback: 364 pages – 6 X 9 

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $24.95

Genre: Fiction, Novel, Canadian, Dystopian

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18 Words

After the Flood is a dystopian novel of hope that straddles a pre and post, catastrophic, world-wide flood.

68 Words

Hidden Brook Press brings you Shane Joseph’s second novel, a dynamic, thought provoking, dystopian, page turner, about second chances. After the Flood is a novel of love, loss and lust based in a fundamentalist society created in the aftermath of a catastrophic world-wide flood that covers most of the earth surface. After the Flood truly is a dystopian novel of hope that straddles pre and post flood eras.

200 Words

After the Flood is a dystopian novel of love, desire, and loss in a fundamentalist society created in the aftermath of a giant flood that drowns most of the earth.

David Arthurs, born after the earth changing flood, tries to save his humanitarian city state of Tolemac—located somewhere in former North America. Can he save this new utopian state from sinking into sin and destruction as capitalism sweeps in from across the waters of neighbouring New Eden. How is he to overcome the forces of greed when his own father, founder of Tolemac, is having an affair with a beautiful New Eden exile. Media manipulation, political scandal, a drug cartel, all serve to poison the minds and bodies of the youth in the once peaceful island state?

Shane Joseph engages the reader not only by his clear knowledge of the Old Testament but also by his insights into man-woman relationships. His flair in handling the age old problem of the other man, the other woman, the secret longing for carnality is revealed in his honest, well crafted, portrayal of characters.

After the Flood, poses the question: “If mankind was ever granted a new slate to create Utopia, could it?”


After the Flood is an allegorical tale that poses some deep questions on issues facing us today.

Nina Nunteanu,
Author of Darwin’s Paradox

A thought provoking and enlightening read. I highly recommend it.

Michael Dyet,
Author of Until the Deep Water Stills

The good, the bad, and the ugly in the new world after the flood. Shane Joseph has delivered an absorbing novel that will make us ponder our own lives for some time after closing the book.

Waheed Rabbani,
Author of Dr. Margaret’s Sea Chest

I can’t get the sound of Frankenstein’s monster out of my head as I turn each page of Joseph’s After the Flood.

Arthur Paul Patterson,
Senior Editor, Watershed Online