Point Taken: Collected Poems 2014 – 2020

Author: Don Gutteridge

Title: Point Taken: Collected Poems 2014-2020

ISBN: 978-1-927725-72-6 = 9781927725726

Trade Paperback: 600 pages – 7 X 10

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $38.95

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35 Words

Point Taken is an outstanding collection of 600 pages of poems. This book is the crowning glory of Don Gutteridge’s long career as a poet. You will never see a finer collection of his work.

44 Words

Don Gutteridge’s poetry has been described as: exceptional, magical, powerful and personal, breathtaking, poignant and whimsical, power, absolutely stunningly beautiful, profound, wise and consoling. Simply put, Gutteridge is one of Canada’s finest poets. You will cherish this 600 page book for years to come.

164 Words

Point Taken: Collected Poems 2014 – 2020 is a compilation of 18 of Don Gutteridge’s previously published poetry books: The Way it Was, Tidings, Peripheries, Inundations, The Blue Flow Below, The Sands of Canatara, Inklings, Cameron Lake: A Suite of Poems, Home Ground, Night Skating, Days Worth the Telling, The Breath of My Being, The Star-Brushed Horizon, Foster’s Pond, Mara’s Lamp, Inking the World, Village Dreaming as well as over 50 recent poems that are previously unpublished.

Reviews of Point Taken:

Special family connections. The simplicity of treasured family moments: “Curled on Grandpa’s lap, / while he spins the tale / on the Three Bears…” Childhood memories like a visit to the zoo or flying homemade kites: “we feel it’s every torque / and tug through the taut tether, / satisfied that it’s sailing / on the sea it belongs to, / leaving us languished/ on the land below.” Time of day, seasons of the year. Simple pleasures. The beauty all around us. And life itself: “I’d like / to think that it was I who chose / life when it was actually / life who chose me and all / that followed.”

I have read a number of Don Gutteridge’s poems over the years and I continue to marvel at his ability to capture the simplest of moments in a capsule and make it grander than life with his poetic observations. His poetry reminds me of the art of Georgia O’Keeffe as he enlarges so many tiny thoughts. His recent collection, Point Taken: Collected Poems: 2014-2020 includes a concise overview of his work during this time. All the poems are short lyrics, written in free verse. Each one captures a precious moment, a cherished family member or friend, a glimpse of beauty in nature, in the skies, or at night and so much more. He makes life grander than life, if that’s at all possible, just like O’Keeffe captures on canvas lives grander than life. His poetry reads like a memoir in verse, each one a tiny treasure of something that captures his poetic attention. Very inspiring, soothing, and down to earth.

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford
for Readers’ Favorite