The Silence Before the Whisper Comes

Author: Bruce Kauffman

Title: The Silence Before the Whisper Comes

ISBN: 978-1-897475-98-0 = 9781897475980 – Soft cover

Trade Paperback: 112 pages – 6 X 9 

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $19.95

Genre: Poetry, Canadian

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Back cover reviews for:

These quiet meditations offer lovely moments of clarity and expansion that “sew / history to future / with the fine needle of heart.” In the poet’s words, they are a “preface of hope.”

Susan McMaster,,
Poet and Editor

Bruce Kauffman writes of seeing “with a naked heart” – a phrase that encapsulates much of this striking new collection. These are tough little poems that grapple with life’s paradoxes and with mortality itself; but they also undulate and whisper and resonate with a graceful silence. Kauffman’s is ultimately a poetry of renewal and expansiveness. His poet’s eye ranges from low to high, from insects to hawks – and beyond, to Poe’s raven. And in all of this, the forest is never far away. These poems get under your skin and stay there.

Jeanette Lynes,
Author of Archive of the Undressed

“In The Silence Before the Whisper Comes, Bruce Kauffman transports readers to those hushed moments in which we experience a profound and often unsettling connection to the earth and our place in it. The blueness of the sky, a woman braiding her hair, the song of the wind – Kauffman takes everyday moments and infuses them with reflection, yearning and poignant beauty.”

Clelia Scala,
Editorial Director for The Open Book Foundation