The Star-Brushed Horizon

Author: Don Gutteridge

Title: The Star-Brushed Horizon

ISBN: 978-1-927725-66-5 = 9781927725665 – (Soft Cover)

Trade Paperback: 180 pages – 6 X 9 

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19 Words

The poems in The Star-Brushed Horizon are a nostalgic look at the poet’s childhood, its pleasures and its sorrows.

43 Words

In, The Star-Brushed Horizon, Don Gutteridge looks at his boyhood days, in the village of Point Edward, Ontario, with a wry and nostalgic eye. Further on in the book there are poems about his family and friends, including those whom he has lost.

101 Words

Don Gutteridge, in his book, The Star-Brushed Horizon, looks at his boyhood days, in the village of Point Edward, Ontario, with a sardonic and sentimental perspective. The pleasures and pains of growing up are detailed in sharp, poignant lyrics that readers will be able to relate to. The middle section of the book contains poems about his family, his friends and the joys of being a grandfather. This supremely well written volume concludes with two sections devoted to the loss of his wife, Anne, of fifty-seven years. This concluding section is tender, touching and clear-eyed in the face of monumental grief.


The Star-Brushed Horizon by Don Gutteridge is a gorgeous collection of poems that are intimate and that capture beautiful images from the poet’s life. Each poem is short, a stanza, a burst of joy, a feeling of bewilderment captured in words, a sensation of love, a communion with places and people. One of my favorite poems in this collection is “Jury,” a thoughtful musing at the sunset of life from a man looking back without regret, content with the life he has lived. It is short, like most of the poems, and written with a peculiar rhythm that condenses a variety of images and ideas into one poetic stanza.

The poetry is evocative, with lines that flow freely. The Star-Brushed Horizon is expressive and features reminiscences of childhood, the peculiar attitudes of young boys and girls, the feel of the locales, and the soul of a waking people. The images are powerful and Don Gutteridge’ s lively voice gives life to the things that seem mundane but that punctuate the pulse of human life — the hushed silences, the feel of the cold, the summer air.

The Star-Brushed Horizon features powerful themes of growing up, friendship, family, and dreams, and evokes the powerful sense of nostalgia that often grips the human spirit in the wistful hours of the day as they look back to the past. It is deeply human, exploring the different climates of a soul and arousing in readers some of the memories of their own lives. I loved the spiritual and human depth infused into these poetic lines. I got the impression that this author celebrates every breath of life in his poetry.

Romuald Dzemo,
for Readers’ Favorite